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The Healing Violin music studio is located in the beautiful Bulkley Valley in the town of Smithers, BC, Canada. Simone Hug founded the studio in 2006 in her home on an organic vegetable farm, where she taught for seven years and she even got soundproof wall panels just for this purpose. The high interest in musical education in Smithers and the surrounding area inspired her to eventually move the studio into town, where she has been sharing a beautiful space with her friend and colleague, Sharon Carrington, since 2014.

Simone welcomes students of all ages to join her fun music classes. You can read more about the various music programs offered at the studio. The studio is part of a duplex. It has two floors. The main floor has a waiting room, a bathroom, kitchen access, and a large space for instrumental lessons – including a grand piano and a harp. The upstairs consists of a second bathroom, a music library, an additional music room, as well as the famous percussion room for rhythmic education.

Simone Hug | Music teacher in Smithers, BC


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Music Programs

Early Childhood Music Program

This program for 3-4 year old kids is an introduction to music at an early age. Children will learn about various different instruments, basic rhythms, songs, as well as movement (maximum: 4 students).

Cost: $630 

Schedule: 2022-2023 (September to May). 

Day & Time: Mondays 9:30am – 10:00am

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School Kids Program 

This program is for kids aged 5-6 years old. Children will learn about various different instruments, basic rhythms, songs, as well as movement (maximum: 6 students). This popular program runs throughout the entire school year. 

Day & Time: Thursdays 4:45pm – 515pm

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Strings (Violin/Fiddle, Viola)

Simone’s main instrument is the violin. Besides teaching the classical way, she also loves to branch out into other genres, like R&B, Fiddle/Keltic, Rock & POP, Traditional, and World music. Inspired by her students, Simone also recently learned to play the viola is now teaching this rather rare instrument to those who love the lower sounding strings.

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If you love piano, come give it a try! It’s never too later to start. Simone is teaching piano students from beginning to Level 4. 

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If you like to sing your heart out and want to learn useful tips & tricks, improve your technique and skills, or simply spend some extra time going over your choir repertoire, you can sign up for voice lessons at our studio. Singing is a wonderful way to de-stress, relax, and listen to your heart.

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    Simone Hug | Music teacher in Smithers, BCSimone Hug

    Simone was born in December 1979 in a small town in East Germany. She started playing the violin just before she turned 8. At the age of 11, Simone was invited to attend the music conservatory “Schloss Belvedere”/ “Franz Liszt” Musikhochschule, where she spent 13 years immersed in classical music studies. Following the path of an orchestra violinist and singer/songwriter career, she played in various symphony orchestras and successfully participated in numerous concerts & competitions all over the world.

    In 2003, a temporary medical condition forced her to interrupt her studies, which led Simone to learn more about homeopathic medicine & care. Smithers, BC became Simone’s new home in 2004, where she since lives with her husband & their two daughters and offers holistic music lessons. Specializing in classical violin, she also loves to teach other instruments, including the piano, viola, voice, cello and early childhood music.

    Simone has had the opportunity to perform in various concerts throughout the Bulkley Valley, enjoying the great musicianship & support amongst colleagues and friends.

    Rentals & Sales

    Instrument RentalsRentals

    You can rent a complete violin or keyboard set from our studio for $25/month.

    Instruments for Sale

    Gently used violins (complete set) for sale. Price range from $300-$600.

    If you are looking to sell a violin, we can help (10% sales commission).


    Call/text: 250.847.0929 |

    Coming West from 4th Avenue.

    Head West on 4th Ave. until you reach the 3 way stop (T crossing). The playground will be right in front of you. Turn right and the house is on the corner (on your right).


    You can park beside the playground.

    “As a music teacher, I have the honour to accompany young children, teenagers, adults, and elders on their path by giving them such a powerful tool as a violin or a piano and watch them grow from there! Playing an instrument promotes incredible inner growth and the astounding results are what keeps me motivated to teach people a language that is understood in every corner of this beautiful world.” - Simone Hug