Music Studio in Smithers, BC

The Healing Violin music studio is located in the beautiful Bulkley Valley in the town of Smithers, BC, Canada. Simone Hug founded the studio in 2006.

Simone was born in December 1979 in a small town in East Germany. She started playing the violin just before she turned 8. At the age of 11, Simone was invited to attend the music conservatory “Schloss Belvedere”/ “Franz Liszt” Musikhochschule, where she spent 13 years immersed in classical music studies. Following the path of an orchestra violinist and singer/songwriter career, she played in various symphony orchestras and successfully participated in numerous concerts & competitions all over the world.

In 2003, a temporary medical condition forced her to interrupt her studies, which led Simone to learn more about homeopathic medicine & care. She offers holistic music lessons with a specialty in classical violin. She also loves to teach other instruments including the piano, viola, voice, cello and early childhood music.


Simone Hug | Music teacher in Smithers, BC